Wednesday, 14 June 2017

You Have Light

I know that all these philosophers talk about people being like candles. About how we each have to allow our lights to shine and not hide who we are and so somehow, when you’re told you have light you think it’s normal.

It’s not.

You have light. Blinding light.
The magnificence of your light can never be truly estimated because it seems to shine brighter with each passing day.
White, beautiful, blinding light.

When people look at you, they can’t truly see you. Some try to wear shades. But believe me, if you think shading could minimize the intensity then I have failed in my description of your light.

Of course, they can see you, vaguely. Almost like a dream. But they can see you, which I am guessing is better than nothing.

People see the light which constitutes your make up and consumes your being, leaving them with emotions they never thought they could feel.
However, each person and how they translate these new things they are feeling. Others feign indifference in order to live in the same environment as you. Some downplay it so they can pretend they have adjusted to the light of you. There are those who hate and others who love. Very opposite. Very strong. And sometimes, most times, easily confused.

But now, you’ve reached the point in your life where you assume they all don’t mean well. Not that I blame you.
After all, if I was the one getting funny looks whenever I smiled at a person, I’d also probably become a cynic.
But I can’t blame them either. How else does a person react to blinding light that cannot be turned off, if not by looking away or squinting?

Did I mention how your light seems to shine brighter when you smile or laugh? The radiation can kill cancerous cells free of charge!

But how can you know. You are vaguely aware of this light which is made of you. You refuse to understand the intensity, and the inevitable effects.

I don’t understand why nobody ever explained it to you. This beauty that requires understanding to be appreciated. This beauty that is of you, in you… Is you.

I wish I had known earlier, I would’ve told you why the world was dark from where you were standing. Why love was just a theory on which writers based their books. Why people can’t stay around you for long. Why the harder you try, the farther they go.
I would’ve explained it all to you.

Then perhaps…

Today, after another long day of conflicting emotions (probably like any other day) you walk to your window.

And jump for you have light.

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