Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Happiness Is Yours To Create

Everyone wants to be happy and fulfilled
Having all the luxuries as if life were a romantic novel
But have you ever asked yourself what it takes to find true happiness?
Some may think it's all about making people do what they want
Others may also  think it's an aspect where work has to be fulfilling or having riches than anyone else
Some even think it all boils down to recognition and rewards, not forgetting the love one expects from others
We all get this wrong sometimes
We often than not demand too much of life leaving ourselves out
We sometimes go to the extent of setting strict criteria for what will make us happy.
But why not consider these facts;
The same attitude spoils many relationships
Not everyone is perfectly neat, charming, beautiful inside out, funny or attentive all the time
For these qualities do not guarantee a perfect relationship
Our demand for love and friendship is often reflected on the happiness we all crave for
It's only easy to be happy when we find happiness in small doses
And most importantly, if you set impossible criteria for happiness, it will be all but impossible for you to be happy
And for true happiness, it's best to look within yourself rather than rely on others or the world around you.

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