Friday, 2 June 2017

This Is Life

This is life, new and strange.
Strange because we fear it,
And new because we keep our eyes turned from it.
Men can starve from a lack of realization as much as they can from a lack of bread.
Men can live right or bad,
But exactly the same thing will happen to all of us.
Every sunrise and sunset makes us guilty of our subversive actions.
So be smart and learn what to do and when to do it.
Life is hard,
Yes, but there is time portioned out for everything.

This is life,live in cramped limits.
Expressing itself not in terms of our good and bad,
But in terms of its own fulfillment.
Men are men and life is life,
So we must deal with them as they are.
And if we want to change them,
We must deal with them in the form in which they exist and have their being.
We sometimes try to know more not knowing we are hurting ourselves.
We also go to the extreme of understanding everything,
Putting ourselves in intense suffering.
Nothing on earth is worth the trouble.

This is life, the best in life.
Every movement of our body is an unconscious protest.
Every desire, every dream, no matter how close or personal,
Is a plot or a conspiracy.
Every hope is a plan for resurrection.
Every glance of the eye is a threat.
For the fastest runners do not always win the race.
Wisdom, intelligence and skills don't always make us rich, popular and healthy.
We each have our share of lack.
Sharpen your axe and be smart.
Try to believe in yourself.
For every time you try to find a way to love,
Your own mind stands in the way.
When your feelings drag you forward,
And your mind full of what others say about you,
It tells you to go back.
Stand firm in whatever you strongly believe in.
While there is life, there is hope.
Nothing is new under the sun.
For whatever happens has happened before

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